Denise Julia Reytan is an artist in germany, she designes jewleries, into the form of wearable art, costumes, she is also a painter and sculptor. as we can see, her jewleries are bright, colorful, with mixture of design materials, like silicon, adapted costume jewlery, scraps of industrial materials, jade, marbles and clothes.

i think what she’s doing with the mixture of materials is not something new, the key point is she’s doing it good. i believe most of us should have seen people or designers doing it badly, or just… soso, you should always be able to name a few, at least shops, but Reytan’s doing it good as you can not only find it sophasiacated, but it’s also balanced, with some of them simple, at the same time, bright and cheerful, i guess it helps us to communicate with whoever Reytan as an unique artist as.