the funny thing is, whatever a female star dresses up as a man, she would like to show sexy/ the seductive part of a woman covering up/ disguise, but it’s totally not the case here

Lady gaga, photoed by nick knight, styled by Nicola Formichetti, for the Vogue Hommes Japan (sept issue) is not really sexy/ seductive, but really you can surely mistaken her as a him

i think the photos are so much nicer than those ‘sexy ones’ because it’s honest with the biggest lie

it tells you she’s a man

perry lam 林沛理 once said in YZZK the international chinese newsweekly about michael jackson, that he’s making himself inmortal because he’s bluring all the lines in human, the boundaries, for example, gender, charcters…

i don’t think lady gaga’s doing that, since she’s still having too much madonna shadow, and i don’t see her rationale/ constructions here

but i think she has the potential