Fan ping ping’s on June issue of Esquire, turns herself into elvis and Che Guevara

but definitely i like the last year issue more than this time, year 2009 Aug issue, which was the only issue with a woman on cover

about the shaving part…….

(1965 March esquire)

i don’t know what to say about repeating use of shaving… while i don’t really think it’s sexy/ attraction, i don’t even think it strongly represents ‘a man in me’, this kinda bullshits that you can say there’s an elephant in me, a bird in me, things like that, why man, why woman, if it’s not for physical, why gender?
drove far,

and you can see, for all these years, we don’t necessarily progress,
we even allow ourselves to fall back

Le smoking
Catherine Deneuve in YSL, 1975 photo by Helmut Newton